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What would happen if you decide to do what you love to do? Would your results improve? Invest time in your talents and the quality of your results will soar.

The emphasis in talent management is, once the talent has been identified and a strategy of continued improvement established, the talent requires some additional tools, techniques, and strategies.

Talent management takes coaching to the next level by placing additional time, focus, and commitment to building, nurturing, and developing the personal brand.

The Impact Coaching system approach to talent management emphasizes the individual and looks to surround the “Talent” will the best resources and coaches in media, presentation skills, voice training, image design, and personal branding.

In my book “The 6th Dimensions of Top Achievers” the vision dimension outlines ten keys to attract visibility:

through an unique identity, a different attitude, sense of authority, writing and speaking skills and materials or press kit complementing your identity.

through being an interesting storyteller, projecting real news, rapport mastery, networking with excellence, being a mentor, a coach, and a volunteer.

Coaching the talent in each of these areas will take discipline, commitment and a plan to succeed. Talent management for top-level managers, executives, and business leaders can consist of several coaches and should include a comprehensive strategy for consistent personal and professional branding. By elevating any one of the keys to visibility, the other areas are magnified and the Talent’s earning potential and exposure increases exponentially.
Here are three bonus tips to be an awesome impact coach in talent management:

1) Develop your talent team. Have a resource base of awesome impact coaches in different areas of expertise: Performance coach, Voice coach, Media coach, Technology coach, and World class coaches from different disciplines. This will allow a Talent to receive awesome impact coaching in the shortest time effectively and efficiently.

2) Invest Your Time. Be open with your ignorance. Increase your training, read, observe, and ask questions. Develop and get yourself some specialized coaching in areas that might not be your area of strength.

Be an advocate. Pay it forward with colleagues, associates, and even competitors. Make it a habit to speak well of others, share business opportunities, and become a raving fan of the people in your network. It reflects well on you and on others.

“Focus on your strengths. Find and cultivate your skills, gifts and abilities; then nurture your personal brand like a caring”

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